Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Valentine's Gift Idea

So, you still haven't gotten a Valentine's Day gift? Don't want to give flowers again? How about Choral or Organ music!?! And if you're thinking, but I don't know what album he/she would want...well, we have an answer!

Get them a gift certificate! They can purchase whatever they like, and you can be happy too. Minimum amount $5.00. We recommend $20.00 for a single CD, which is usually enough to include shipping.

There are two ways to deliver a gift certificate: by e-mail or by snail mail. E-mail delivery is faster; it goes to the recipient with a link to our Web site. You can also choose to have a certificate delivered by mail, in which case we also include a copy of the printed Gothic Catalog.

So Click to get a Gift Certificate for that special someone!

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