Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day

To celebrate, here is one of our fantastic choral releases featuring World Premier Recordings of Randall Thompson's "Five Love Songs". Enjoy one of these "The Happy Shore" courtesy of The Organ Loft.

The Light of Stars
The Choral Music of Randall Thompson
Choral Arts, directed by Richard Sparks

Randall Thompson is one of the most important American composers of choral music. Writing in an unabashed Romantic style, this music is ideal for a choir like Choral Arts, which prides themselves in purity and breadth of choral sound.

This recording contains Thompson’s “Alleluia,” probably the most popular American choral work ever written, as well as six works never before recorded.

The Best of Rooms (Robert Herrick)

Two Herbert Settings (George Herbert)
  • Antiphon *
  • Bitter-sweet

The Last Invocation (Walt Whitman)

Odes of Horace
  • Montium custos (book 3, 22)
  • Vitas hinnuleo (book 1, 23)
  • O fons Bandusiae (book 3, 13)
  • Felices ter (final verse of book 1, 13)


Five Love Songs
  • The Light of Stars (Henry Wadsworth Longfellow) *
  • The Passenger (Mark Anthony DeWolfe Howe) *
  • Two Worlds (Edmund Waller) *
  • Siciliano (Philip H. Rhinelander) *
  • The Happy Shore (Edmund Spenser) *
*World Premier Recordings

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